Elements of Style

I don't happen to like pretty.
Most of the world disagrees with me,
but I don't care.
~Iris Apfel

Developing personal style means more than choosing adornments. We express it in our manner of speech, how we arrange our furniture, even in our leisure pursuits. Is the culmination of the interests we cultivate and a reflection of an attitude toward life. Style is what we exude.

Exploring the Elements of Style is a uniquely experimental and creative process that merges utility, aesthetics, and emotion. We believe style should facilitate the running of life.
The unofficial tenants of style (*Subject to change)

1. Treat every day as an occasion.
2. Rules are for breaking, but first you must know them.
3. Borrow from inspired sources
4. Be willing to keep going start from scratch - again.

To be continued.... 

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